Statements & Checkout

Statements can be printed and distributed in a variety of ways. The instructions below are just a few options. Before the event, perform a practice run to see which method you like best.

Remember to use the Post All Purchases button on the Print / Review Statements tab to update balances. You can use the button multiple times.

Option One: Print statements for all bidders

  1. Select "All"
  2. Select "Balance Due" (optional)
  3. Click Post All Purchases
  4. Select Standard Statement
  5. Click the Print button
  6. Distribute your statements and items in your preferred fashion

Option Two: Print statements for bidders after entering payment:

  1. Enter Bid Number, press Enter
  2. Click Post All Purchases
  3. Select "Single"
  4. Click Pay in Full and fill in optional payment method information.
  5. Print a Single statement.