Entering Bids

Entering Winning Bids Manually
This method is good for rapidly entering in a large amount of bids at one time. Use a 10-key device/keyboard to accelerate bid entry.

  1. On the During the Auction Screen [6,2], click the Enter Winning Bids Randomly Button.
  2. Enter in the item number (Omit the auction type - for example, item “A101” would be entered as “101”). Press enter. The item name will appear.
  3. Enter in the winning bidder number. Press enter. The bidder name will appear.
  4. Enter in the winning bid amount. Pressing enter will record the bid and clear the window for the next item.

Splitting Bids

  1. Enter the TOTAL bid into the green Bid Amount box.
  2. Click the Split Bid button.
    Select how many purchasers to split between. You may edit the amounts that each bidder owes.
  3. Click Close Save Data for Invoices.

Enter Item During Auction

  1. Click the Enter Item During Auction button
  2. Select an item to copy OR enter in new item information
  3. If you have the winning bid information, you may enter it. If you do not, you may close the screen and enter it later.